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The Planner

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I am passionate about and committed to helping couples, bring their special day to life. I love being able to help clients create a truly fantastic experience for their guests. There is nothing more satisfying for me, than knowing that I have helped make a clients’ day better.

My absolute favorite part about event planning is taking someone’s vision from notes on a piece of paper or in their head and turning them into a full-scale replica of the reception they have always dreamed of!

Clients who choose to work with me appreciate my candor, caring personality, and sincerity. I am proud to be friends with many previous clients and take my greatest satisfaction in seeing everyone happy.  I am always grateful for the opportunity to make this happen.


I want you to enjoy all aspects of your Wedding, from the joyous occasion that has given you reason to celebrate, to the final detail that leaves guests smiling. I will be there to guide you and relieve the stress that comes along with planning this special day. 

❤ Patty Everson

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